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Nagpur News : Rokde Jewellers Grand Diwali Celebration at Rokde Jewellers

Grand Diwali Celebration at Rokde Jewellers

Nagpur News : Diwali is a holy festival of joy. It is a celebration of meeting close ones, celebrating happiness together, worshiping Lakshmi, and cracking fireworks with enthusiasm. Therefore, as the Diwali festival approaches, the showroom of “Rokde Jewellers” for buying jewellery also starts attracting more and more customers.

In fact, whether the people of Nagpur want to buy jewellery during the festival or not, all they have in mind is the name Rokde Jewellers. This is the symbol of the popularity of Rokde Jewellers. It is due to the love of these customers that we are one of the leading names in the field of jewellery making in Nagpur city and this journey started from a small gold bank and today we have been able to develop our brand as Rokde Jewellers.

The customer’s love for Rokde is growing day by day due to our purity, innovative artistry and transparent dealings. We are happy that we have reached the pinnacle of popularity in a short span of time due to modern methods of jewellery making and innovation in thought. As a result of this popularity, today we have four spacious branches in Nagpur city at Laxminagar, Mahal, Itwari, Airport. And in all these showrooms, the flow of customers buying jewellery never stops.

The jewellery of Rokde Jewellers is always diverse, be it traditional or modern, here you can find everyone’s favorite jewellery in every range. Temple jewellery with various shapes, weights and designs, gold ornaments, silver ornaments, diamonds, Navagraha Gemstones etc.

The availability of jewellery is our specialty. This tradition has created a kind of beautiful gold chain among consumers and cash jewelers today. Customer trust is and will continue to be our greatest asset. So when a customer visits our spacious showroom, he somehow feels the intimacy of gold. This is the reason why there is always a unique sparkle in the gold chain of our cash jewellers, of jewellery and customers!

With this has always looked after the interests of its customers. And that is why, on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, ‘Rokde Jewellers’ brought a collection of attractive and special

jewellery to the customers. In a way, it was a golden opportunity to get your favourite jewellery in your favourite jewellery shop, and this doubled the joy of Diwali for the people of Nagpur.

Consumers were seen rushing to buy jewellery on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, as well as giving preference to wedding jewellery for the upcoming wedding season. Therefore, the people of Nagpur took advantage of the special offer and attractive jewellery collection for Diwali and made this Diwali even brighter. May this entire Diwali bring lasting health, happiness and prosperity to all of you.

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