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Nagpur News : Union Minister Nitin Gadkari unveils Sandu’s Arogyadarshika

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari unveils Sandu’s Arogyadarshika

Nagpur News : Praising Sandu Brothers for their innovative concept of blending almanac and health related information in a handy form, Union Minister for Transport Nitin Gadkari said that the Arogy Darshika will help the general public in keeping themselves healthy with health remedies available at their fingertips. Gadkari said that Ayurveda is being used by people in large numbers and Sandu Brothers’ idea of giving health tips handy is praiseworthy.

The Union Minister released the Aarogya Dindarshika, the Health Almanac , in the presence of senior executives of Sandu Pharmaceuticals Ltd including Shashank Sandu, Managing Director of the company. Mr Mohan Ambekar, Marketing Head, Mr Nikhil Bais, Sales Manager, Vidarbha Region, were also present on the occasion. The Arogyadarshika is available in Hindi, Marathi and English across the country. 

Gadkari said, “Blending of health literature with the almanac is a unique idea Sandu Pharmaceuticals has come up with. The Arogyadarshika has the information about the medical therapies, medicines and treatments in Ayurveda on various ailments. Ayurveda, Yogvidnyan and Naturopathy are some of the very important streams of medicine with the long standing Indian tradition. I congratulate Sandu Brothers for this outstanding endeavor,” Gadkari said. 

“Sandu’s Arogyadarshika (Health Calendar) has gracefully compiled information needed in our daily lives, natural remedies needed to treat ailments, and simple steps which help us to keep one healthy. Sandu Pharmaceuticals Ltd had been working for the benefits and health of the people of this country for a long and this Arogyadarshika (Health Calendar) is the true testimony of their decade-old efforts of serving people,” Gadkari said. 

Sandu Pharmaceuticals’s Arogyadarshika has comprehensively incorporated the remedies available from ancient Ayurveda tex it in the Health-Calendar. The Health Calendar-Arogyadarshika has information related to the importance of The Day, Tithis, Birth and Death Anniversaries of Freedom Fighters and noted personalities, Festivals, National and International Days and many more. Besides, Sandu’s Arogyadarshika- the Health-Calendar, also includes ways

to balance Body, Mind, and Soul adhering to Ayurvedic principles. 

Elaborating on the concept of the Arogyadarshika, Shashank Sandu said, “The Covid pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of one’s mental health. Our Arogyadarshika the Health Calendar has scientific recommendations of medical remedies for Body, Mind and Soul. We have also stressed on the significance of Ashtanga Yoga postures and Meditation. The scientific benefits of Yoga postures and role of digestion in our health cycle have been thoroughly described along with other health and wellness-related information. This Arogyadarshika -the Health Calendar will

be of great help to families as their personal healthcare companion besides serving them as an almanac. 

The Arogyadarshika throws light on how to keep balance between your body, mind and soul by following Ayurveda practices; it addresses issues related to Mental Health and informs readers the significance of Aastang Yog and Meditation. It also describes how important positivity in life is and gives an overview of key for formulations and medicines of Sandu Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 

Over the last 122 years Sandu Pharmaceuticals has carved a niche for itself as a respected company for its authentic manufacturing practices and as a leading brand trusted in ayurveda and herbal pharmaceuticals in India. Sandu has been manufacturing quality ayurvedic products that promote Healing, Prevention and Longevity by harnessing the power of Ayurved.

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