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NAGPUR NEWS 24 : Watermelon sized rare fibroid of 5 kg was successfully removed at Alexis Hospital

NAGPUR NEWS 24 : A 42-year-old woman walked into Alexis Hospital, appearing to be pregnant with complaints of huge discomfort and pressure in the lower abdomen area. On examination by Dr Rajni Gupta, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Alexis Hospital, a large abdominal mass was found that was almost of a mid-sized watermelon, very similar to that of a full-term pregnancy MRI scan showed a rare and highly vascular massive-sized broad ligament fibroid.

A broad ligament fibroid is a benign smooth muscle tumour which originates from the broad ligament hormone-sensitive smooth muscle or secondarily from the uterine smooth muscle. This layer of tissue connects the sides of the uterus to the walls and floor of the pelvis. The broad ligament covers the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. It also connects nerves and blood vessels to these organs.

Dr Rajni advised her to undergo surgery which scared her initially. The doctor counselled her and with meticulous planning along with due preparation, she was operated and a huge five kilograms fibroid measuring 25 x 20 cm was removed successfully. It was adherent and technically difficult to remove the fibroid due to its vascularity and high risk of massive bleeding and injury to nearby structures. The patient had a smooth recovery and was discharged on the third day after surgery.

Dr Rajni Gupta said, “Although uterine fibroids are common tumours of the uterus, these broad ligament fibroids of such a massive size constitute less than 1% of overall cases and are very rarely found.”

The patient during her discharge shared, “I was surprised to learn that my case was rare and yet was treated easily at Alexis. I will forever be thankful to Dr Rajni Gupta for her continued support and the quality care by the multidisciplinary team. The doctor and her knowledge of the latest methods of treatment at this prestigious Alexis Hospital have really saved me.”

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