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Nagpur News : 3rd meeting of Bhartiya Real Estate Consultants Welfare Association, Nagpur concluded on 29 th February at Vidarbha Hindi sahitya sammelan, Nagpur

Nagpur News : The 3rd meeting of Bhartiya Real Estate Consultants Welfare Association, Nagpur was concluded yesterday on 29th February 2024 at the first floor hall of Vidarbha Hindi Sahitya Sammelan. One after the other, the meeting filled the hall and the advisors were excited to see what was different and many new advisors met with the expectations they had come to the first and second meetings also gave a good response.

On this occasion, the P.R.O. of the organization Mr. Rajesh Chauhan, Executive Chairman Shri. K. M. Suradkar, Founder President Mr. Rajvirsingh and as Chief Guest the Inspirational Speaker Mr. Kailash Tankar was present.

The organization’s P.R.O. Mr. Rajesh Chauhan sir in his address addressed the future welfare of the consultants. Executive Chairman of the organization Shri. K. M. Suradkar talked about the visit, final deal, commission etc. It is mentioned that if the documentation is proper between marketing companies, developers, builders and consultants with signatures remains in the form of a bond then there will be no fraudulent acts in the future.

A highly inspirational personality whose introduction speaks volumes Winner of Bollywood’s biggest honor *”IIFA Award*” (Motivational Speaker), Four *Guinness Book of World Records* winners in two individual and two groups, Police officer in the security team of world famous singer Late Latadidi, held many posts in the police department and director of Tankar Music Academy, singer and motivational speaker Mr. Kailash Tankar, retired Deputy Superintendent of Police was yesterday’s highlight.

He started his speech with a beautiful poem “Koshish karne walonki kabhi haar nahi hoti” written by famous poet Sohanlal Dwivedi and presented by Bollywood emperor Amitabh Bachchan. They said that one becomes poor or rich by one’s karma.

After telling the funny stories of India’s richest man Adani and the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, how they got rich and what we need to do, he quoted “Successful people don’t do different things they do things differently”. Bhartiya Real Estate Association is a very commendable step and it will surely benefit and develop the consultants and encouraged the audience by singing a beautiful song “Ya Janmavar Ya Jaganyavar”. His presence was very effective and efficient. A ray of hope was given to all who were discouraged and thus there is no doubt that this organization will soon blossom, bear fruit and reach heights.

Founder President of the organization Shri. Rajvirsingh comforted the new consultants present in the meeting by doing the exact work and convinced everyone how fruitful and uplifting this real estate business is if done honestly. Future training by the organization, Maharera registration process, and remedies to prevent fraud were emphasized.

He said I don’t know what we can do for you but we will definitely prepare to do whatever we can. In order to bring everything within the ambit of law, train them and secure their future, we will also request the government to provide 20 lakh group insurance and medical insurance assistance amount of Rs.5 lakh to those registered MahaRERA’s. 5 lakh medical insurance amount should be for at least five years, MahaRERA registration should be done as before, no penalty should be levied on less educated consultants or retirees working in this field and having no income without burden of examination, also a commission should be formed to prepare proper guidelines. And a separate committee should be set up to redress the grievances of MahaRERA consultants. Due to their tireless efforts, the GST levied on the MahaRERA registration fee. It has now been cancelled. This is the first achievement of the Union. And when such achievements continued, all the promising consultants expressed their desire to unite and become members of the organization.

We wrote a memorandum to Hon. Commissioner of Police, we will also quote it once we get effective relief from him.

In this meeting which lasted for about two and a half hours, the advisors accepted all the suggestions and approved them. This meeting was chaired by the spokesperson and media in-charge Mr. Sanjay Sonarkar did and the chief guests were introduced by Mr Anand Kohad. In this meeting, all the office bearers and advisors of the organization had packed the entire hall. Such effective meetings will be held soon to discuss the many suggestions presented by them and the nature of such meetings will increase further. The meeting was very successful.

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