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NAGPUR NEWS : Uncut version of The Kashmir Files to release soon : actor Punit Issar

Uncut version of The Kashmir Files to release soon: actor Punit Issar

NAGPUR NEWS : The recently released movie The Kashmir Files has gained a lot of phrase from the movie lovers. The film made at a low budget of Rs 14 crores, is approaching the Rs 200 crore mark.

The film’s success has shaken the industry. The Kashmir Files shows the 1990s genocide and exodus of Kashmiri Hindu Pandits has gained a lot of phrase from people however; the film has arose many controversies as well with many political leaders are the movies and claiming to have shown the wrong facts in the movie.

On Wednesday Actor Punit Issar addressed a press conference at Hotel Centre Point. The event was organised by Siddhivinayak Trust regarding the free screening of blockbuster and controversial movie, The Kashmir Files. Sandip Joshi, former Mayor and President of Siddhivinayak Trust and others were prominently present on this occasion.

Punit while addressing the press conference said “We are thinking of releasing the five-hour-long complete version of The Kashmir Files. The film will soon be released on OTT platforms. Though, director Vivek Agnihotri will take the final call”.

Earlier, the Siddhivinayak Trust had planned 10 shows of The Kashmir Files; however, following the tremendous support to their initiative people are also contributing from their part and as a result, we are organizing 14 shows of the movie and soon will touch 20 digit mark, informed Sandip Joshi on this occasion.

Punit said that, “The Kashmir Files is a blockbuster because of the love it has received from the people. Individuals have come forward and promoted the movie as it portrayed their trauma”.

“We have seen vendors giving away free takeaways merely if the customers’ have seen The Kashmir Files. So it’s the love from individuals that has promoted the movie not BJP or PM Narendra Modi”, he said. 

The actor Punit Issar said that wherever Muslims came in majority they have compelled others to commit Jihad. So if the same scenario occurred in India, then remember we have nowhere to go.

This film is not only liked by people but is getting good response by all journalist and film critics

It is shame that people are playing politics in the name of the film.

“I never saw any German defending Hitler while in our country it us another story. People are defending the acts. Muslims should condemn such acts” he said.

Speaking about the ending scene of the movie Punit said “the last scene of the film was written by a Muslim writer and this is the beauty of the film”.

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